Getting started is easy. 

By doing an assessment of your company, it highlights the potential benefit to you... guaranteed!  The objective is eliminating waste and ensuring value from what you already do. 

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The approach is straightforward.

Revenue - Expenses (COGS) = Gross Profit

What's the point in spending effort on building your revenue streams when your expenses are getting out of hand. Fix what is in your control is a more effective way of maximizing profit. Because it's nothing new we are doing but rather looking for more efficient ways to do it. Most of all it requires easy to understand and adopt incremental steps. By developing an attitude of Continuous Improvement, it's a win-win for all. Ultimately, our focus is on Expenses. 

Discovery Phase


A detailed review of what happens, starting with the shop floor; how things are done, reviewing the process understanding how people work normally. 

Suggestion Phase


Suggest ways to improve and make incremental steps towards a lean operation model and more efficient service delivery. 

Goal Oriented

Improve & Sustain

To ensure that the improvements stick, and old habits do not set back in, easy to understand indicators which will highlight success and just as equally failure.


5 Principles


The Improvesteps Philosophy



The engagement is broken into phases to allow for flexibility. Eash phase represents a complete project scope when delivered would be beneficial.  Only when an assessment is complete, can hours for other phases be estimated. 

Phases of Engagement

Assessment / Discovery Phase                                                                    Complimentary

Improvement                                                                                                  Hourly Rate

Performance Manage                                                                                   Hourly Rate

Training                                                                                                           Fixed per course

Retainer                                                                                                           per week/month

Examples of Improvement

Improvement is applicable to any size and type of business. 
1. Manufacturing
The problem at hand is the reliability of equipment. 
With a free assessment through a site visit, we are able to better understand the problem and quantify the potential benefits. The assessment revealed that the primary root causes for poor equipment reliability were related to a combination of insufficient visual management, unstable process control and the lack of a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)strategy.
The aim of the improvement was to increase daily throughput by 20% within 6 months.  

2. Warehousing

The transformation process started with a thorough assessment phase to uncover areas for improvement and gain insight into current practices. Working as one team, we collected data, observed operations, spoke with warehouse staff and mapped the processes. Using specialist tools we transformed data into insights, uncovering large untapped improvement opportunities that reduced waste and maximized productivity.

3. Rentals 

In the free assessment we reviewed the process of rentals going out and return. Through review of the contracts and instruments to track movement, we were able to identify areas of waste, unaccountability and possible pilferage.